"Paraboles du corps, Odyssée abyssale, Un
rituel pour enlacer l'espace, une espèce de
krik pour interpeller la cour quand elle dort"

J’habite une blessure sacrée (En)


I inhabit a sacred wound (2018)

How can we transform the world’s chaos ? How does the violence of oppression find its echo in an individual’s body ?

How does the ambivalence of our choices reveal our relationship to freedom ? «J’habite une blessure sacree» seeks a way beetwen imbalance and rootedness, softness and force, intimacy and openness. This solo dance show is conceived as a dialogue between two necessities intertwined : the metaphysical quest and the struggle for emancipation ! Out of these apparently contradictory approaches emerges a central theme, that of the double. Real body, imaginary body. Visible body, potential body. The rebel body driven by an imagined genealogy (« I inhabit imaginary ancestors « says Aimé Cesaire’s Poem) ; and the body also driven by another utopia, this time existential. Duration : 45 min. All public show from 10 years onwards.

« J’habite une blessure sacrée » is recommended by Festival d’Avignon (P 67 of the programm).  Download the programm below :

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J’habite une blessure sacrée (2018) is the sequel of the dance piece DEPWOFONDIS (2014) presented with success at the Theatre Golovine in July 2016 during The Avignon OFF Festival.

The Press on the Show

«Must be discovered !»Rosita Boisseau (Télérama)
« Well-writen, profound, and dense » (Radio FranceBleu)
« A hypnotising piece » Christian Tortel (France TV)
« Captivating and fascinating work » Roland Sabra (Madininart)


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Choreographer and Performer Max DIAKOK
Video and Set design Claudio CAVALLARI
Dramaturgy Lucile PERAIN
Lights Johann CHAUVEAU
Original Music Rico TOTO
Musicians on the soundtrack : Franck NICOLAS, Nathalie JEANLYS,

Production Cie Boukousou
Coproduction Théâtre Golovine (Avignon), La Chaufferie de la Cie DCA Découfflé (Saint-Denis), MJC Noisiel (77), Le Centre de Danse du Galion (Aulnay-sous-bois). Studio work : CND, Espace Dérives, Réseau RAVIV.

Financial aid : Fonds SACD Musique de Scène, Ministère des outre-mer, CGET, Mairie de Paris, Ville de Saint-Denis, Spedidam, Région Guadeloupe.